Top Cuts Hairdressing now offer Wrinkle Reduction;

Bi-Polar Radio Frequency (RF)

wrinkle removal £25RF treatments can significantly reduce wrinkles and fine lines improving skin texture and tone in the face, neck, and surrounding areas, can alleviate the symptoms of aging skin, large pores, fine wrinkles, muddy complexion, sagging skin, and swelling. Often the effect is noticeable after the very first treatment although optimum results are achieved after a series of treatments.

RF treatment is non-invasive and non-surgical.

RF uses unique radio frequency waves to vibrate the molecules of water in tissue beneath the surface of the skin producing a warming heat which at the optimum temperature within the tissue will result in the denaturing of collagen.

Collagen denaturation with any thermal modified deep tissue causes immediate tissue contraction. The collagen fibres can contract by up to a third in length. This local heating also increases the metabolism of the fiber blast which acelerates the regeneration of new collagen fibre production.
As the new collagen forms the fibres are straighter than “old” collagen resulting in a smoother, healthier, and younger looking skin.

Some of the fat cells can be broken down and elastin fibres regenerated which will improve the classic dimpled appearance of cellulite

Radiofrequency has been in use in a variety of medical and surgical applications for a very long time and is therefore known to be a safe.